Mathematics in Industry Seminar

The NCSU SIAM student chapter will be hosting a Mathematics in Industry seminar on April 29 at 2PM. Our speakers will be Andrea Klaiber-Langen and Vakhtang Putkaradze from ATCO.

Title: The Role of PhDs in Industry

Abstract: Congratulations, you are graduating with a PhD! You have done fantastic work in your thesis and are ready to take on the world. What is going to happen now? Should you go to industry or academia? You probably heard a lot about both job choices. In this lecture, the speakers, Andrea Klaiber-Langen and Vakhtang Putkaradze, VPs of Transformation in ATCO, will present some insights related to the role of PhDs in industry from their own experience in the ATCO transformation team. Most of the lecture will be dedicated to a free discussion which, we hope, will dispel some myths and misunderstandings about what the employment in industry is like. The speakers will also share thoughts on what a good way to prepare for a successful career will be for those who are interested in this choice.