Mathematics in Industry Seminar

The SIAM Student Chapter will be having a Mathematics in Industry Seminar on January 27, 2022 at 3 PM in Poe Hall 218. Our speaker, David Padgett, is from a local defense contractor named Vadum will present on the company and different aspects of how machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms can be used in national defense.

Abstract: Founded in 2004, Vadum delivers cutting-edge solutions to customers in the competitive field of national defense research and development. Vadum got its start developing innovative tools and techniques to protect personnel from improvised explosive devices used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Vadum has grown to tackle larger and more complex defense challenges in a range of mission areas and is now at the leading edge of technology development in areas such as electronic warfare and missile defense. Many of Vadum’s solutions employ machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to improve automatic inference and decision making. This talk will be both an overview of Vadum and an industry perspective on some of the technical and non-technical issues faced when applying ML/AI to real-world problems.

Sandia National Laboratories Information Session

Brian Adams, an NC State PhD grad, will be (virtually) visiting to provide information about Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and will discuss internship possibilities along with research areas at Sandia. He will be presenting Friday, November 12 at 1:55pm EST.

Title: Make a Difference: Mathematical Sciences R&D Careers at Sandia National Laboratories

Abstract: Brian Adams (NCSU PhD 2005) will conduct a mathematics and statistics-specific information session including a brief overview of SNL’s mission, R&D areas, and opportunities in mathematics, statistics, and computational science. Staff and project profiles will demonstrate the ways you can contribute to high-impact problems in the national interest through fundamental math and computational science R&D, software/hardware development, and working in interdisciplinary teams on engineering applications. We are hiring at all degree levels.

We are hiring for the following types of positions:

  • Regular Staff (MS or PhD degrees); GPA may be considered, but no minimum
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher (PhD degrees) ); GPA may be considered, but no minimum
  • Summer or Year Round Intern (undergraduate or graduate); cumulative GPAs for all degrees must be above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

Bio: Brian M. Adams is a principal member of technical staff in the optimization and uncertainty quantification department at Sandia National Laboratories, where he has worked since 2005. He holds a PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University. Brian develops, implements, and applies algorithms for optimization and uncertainty quantification on computational models. He leads the Dakota software project, managing software development and deployment to ensure impact on the span of Sandia science and engineering problems.

Mathematics in Industry Seminar

The NCSU SIAM Student Chapter is having a Mathematics in Industry seminar on November 16, 2021 at 2 PM. A recording of the talk can be found here. The password for the recording is 0kfd=w7a.

Speaker: Dr. Olivia Walch

Title: From simulations to subscriptions: Putting research math biology into the App Store

Abstract: In this talk, Dr. Olivia Walch, the CEO of Arcascope, will discuss her research into the mathematics of sleep and circadian rhythms modeling, and large scale analysis of wearable data. She will also discuss her journey from being a post-doc to forming her own start-up, as well as the challenges and opportunities in taking these mathematical models into the real world.

“What is an Internship?” Panel

Are you a math grad student interested in doing an internship? This event is for you! SIAM and MGSA are co-hosting the Graduate Training Module this Friday, October 8th titled, “What is an Internship?” This module consists of a panel of current graduate students who have done several different types of internships, and are ready and willing to answer all of your internship related questions!

What: “What is an Internship” Panel
When: Friday, October 8th from 1:55-2:45pm
Where: Zoom

MATLAB Tutorial

The SIAM student chapter will be holding a two-part MATLAB tutorial on Thursday, August 19, 4:30 – 6:30 pm and Thursday, August 26, 4:30 – 6:30 pm. We will be holding the event in person with a live-streaming option through Zoom.

Abstract: The first SIAM event of the semester will be a MATLAB tutorial! This will be a two-part series, starting from the basics of MATLAB coding and building further into more complicated coding necessities. People with all levels of coding backgrounds are welcome to attend and there will be something new for everyone! We especially recommend this event to graduate students enrolled in Numerical Analysis (MA 580) or Modeling (MA 573) as these classes often require the use of MATLAB for assignments. Refreshments will be provided to those who attend in person.

We request that if you plan to attend either virtually or in person to please fill out the google form so we have a head-count. Everyone who fills out the survey will also receive a written MATLAB tutorial, which includes some practice problems. Lastly, we ask that you have MATLAB installed on your computer prior to the event so you can follow along. You can do this by going to Self Service and installing MATLAB from there or by following this link